Just life

17 Sep

Yesterday i started to think about quite a strange thing. How many times we wanted something in our lives and how many times have we done anything to achieve what we wanted? honestly, the answer i have found in myself didn’t satisfy me. It even scared me a little.Yes, i am known as a person with strange thoughts, especially during the classes in university :)))

All of us try to go through the different phases of life…good or bad… Just recently i have found out who i am and started to accept it, not as something weird or bad but something usual and ordinary. I am a woman with low self esteem, complex but also with a big dreams and hopes. Yes, this is who i am and i have stopped playing strong, fearless and confident woman. I’m struggling every day for surviving, same as anybody else… facing different kinds of struggles every day … losing weight, writing a story, living in a foreign country or just surviving the presentation day in the university :)) I’m moving on … every day.

why have i started writing this blog? honestly, i love writing and if my writing will make someone’s day little better or will awake a little hope in somebody’s heart it would be a dream come true for me.

Just recently i have moved in Europe, i study here… not that i feel like i belong in this country or in this university but yet, as i have mentioned earlier its about surviving :)) and now, at 7 am, sitting in my bed with my best friend ( black coffee) i am thinking if today is going to happen something interesting. outside is my favorite weather ( rainy day) and its making my mood better. yes, i love rainy days… best time to collect your thoughts while traveling in an empty bus and staring on the houses and people outside the window. So this is the only real plan what i have for today stare on the rainy day from my bus window and collect thoughts…